Lucas spends most of his time producing and writing in Nashville. He also supports artists on the road as a touring bassist, keyboardist, or auxiliary musician. Live credits include Jill Andrews, Crystal Bowersox, Hush Kids, Jordy Searcy, Sandra McCracken, Joy Oladokun, Mat Kearney, Matthew Perryman Jones, Jonathon Jircitano, Brave Town, Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace and many more.

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Jordy Searcy - Better - Producer, Engineering, Programming, Piano, Bass, Organ, String Arrangement

Jordy Searcy - Why Can’t We Be Friends - Producer, Engineering, Programming, Piano, Bass, Organ, String Arrangement

Elenowen - Desert Days - Keys

Elenowen - Honey Come Home - Keys

Swearingen & Kelli - Cold Hearted Truth - Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Piano, Organ

Jeremy Lister - L O V E L O V E - Drum Engineer

Courier - White Tears - Producer, Engineer, Programming, Drum/Perc

The Tuesday Crew - Just Like Autumn - Mixing

Jill Andrews - Thirties - Co-Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Programming, Engineer, Percussion, Bass, Arrangement, Programming

Greg LaFollette - Songs of Common Prayer - Piano, Wurly, Organ

The Tuesday Crew - Summer Lovin - Mixing

Jeremy Lister - Sign Language - Drum Engineer

Street Corner Symphony - The Evolution of Country Music - Engineer

Jon Wesson - Good Foundation - Producer, Bass, Electric Guitar

Greg LaFollette - Do Not Destroy - Piano, Wurly, Organ

Samuel Lee - Mirrors Vol. 1 & 2 - Wurly, B3

Jordy Searcy - Explaining Jesus - Producer, Mixer, Piano, Arranger

Jordy Searcy - Dark in the City EP - Producer, Engineering, Bass, Keys, Electric Guitar

Courier - Telescope - Producer, Programming, Engineering

Jordy Searcy - Dark in The City (Live) - Bass, Mixing

Jordy Searcy - Jenny (Live) - Keys, Mixing

Jordy Searcy - Almost Friends (Live) - Keys, Mixing

Paper Route - Album Release Show - Tracking Engineer

Sandra McCracken - I Am Ashamed (O Lord Forgive) - Producer, Mixing, All Instrumentation

Brynn Elliot - Jungle - Editing

Ingrid Michaelson - It Doesn't Have to Make Sense - Editing

Derik Thomas - Hit Play - Producer, Engineer, Programming

Derik Thomas - Riptide - Producer, Engineer, Programming, Mixing

Courier - Present Tense - Producer, Keys, Programming, Bass, Perc, BGV's, Guitar

Return to the Garden (Short Film) - Composer, Co-Producer, Programming, Tracking, Mixing

Brave Town - Adventure of a Lifetime/Magic Mashup - Mixing, Bass, BGV

Emily Keeley - The Lighthouse - Producer, All Instrumentation

Brave Town - Brave Town EP - Bass, BGVs

Cindy Morgan - Bows & Arrows - BGVs

Underground Sound Society -  Not My Fault - Producer

Indelible Grace 7 - Look to Jesus - Writer, Producer, Piano, B3, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

The Sifters - Why Did I Say Yes - Producer, Bass

Clairvoyance - Lost Near the Darkness - Writer, Producer, String Arranger, Keys, Bass, Guitar

Ryan Barker - Dream Between the Lines - Co-Producer (Let The Waters Rise), Arranger, Keys, Bass

The Hollywood Kills - Coming of Age - Piano, Synth, B3

Derik Thomas - Changes - Producer, Arranger, Bass, Keys, Percussion, BGVs

The Hollywood Kills - Idiot's Guide - Piano, Synth, B3

Flightpath -  Dead End Days - Arranger, Bass, BGVs